6 Romantic Movies You Have to Watch

Let’s face it, we are all suckers for a good romantic movie. For as long as there have been moving pictures, there have been romances. Romantic movies have shaped our expectations of what we deserve in relationships and all of the best quotes on love are from our favorite films, not poetry or novels. Every year a brand new romantic movie is released on the market, but this new movie has to compete with a long list of romantic films that are already adored by romance fans.

If you are someone that is interested in binging some of the best romance films, you may feel overwhelmed by choice. Here is our pick of the best romantic films that you have to watch.

  • 13 going on 30

This film is my personal favorite. 13 going on 30 is a classic early 2000’s romance film, which follows the life of Jenna Rink. Jenna starts the film as a normal 13-year-old in the 80s, but after a disaster of a birthday party, she wishes to skip straight to 30. She wakes up the next day, 30 years old and desperate to rekindle the relationship with her childhood friend. This movie is the perfect mixture of romance and comedy and must be watched by any romance fan out there.

  • PS I Love You

This is one of the most heartbreaking films on the list and it follows the life of a recent widow. This film explores the process of recovering after losing the love of your life and just how difficult the process can be. After her husband dies, the window goes on a hunt for letters left behind. She thinks that she is hunting for some grand gift that he has left behind, but it turns out he was simply trying to help her through her grieving process and help her move on.

  • Love Actually

This film is beloved because it is one of the few romantic Christmas films that actually works. Love Actually follows the lives of several people and explores different ways in which love presents itself. Love actually shows that love is not always straightforward, as there is often heartache and it doesn’t always work out. This film also shows that work can be found in the most unexpected places and that sometimes it appears when you aren’t even looking for it.

  • The Notebook

This is another heartbreaking film but it is one that every romance film lover has to watch. The film shows the difficult relationship between two people of different classes and the struggles that they had to face in order to be happy. When watching the film, you eagerly await the conclusion of their relationship, which leads to the film returning to the present day. It is then revealed that the story of love is being told by an older Noah, who is explaining the story of his relationship to his wife, who is, unfortunately, suffering from dementia and cannot remember their relationship.

  • 27 Dresses

27 Dresses is an example of a film where unlikely partners develop a relationship. The story follows the life of a tragic woman, who had been a bridesmaid 27 times but has never been married. She is obsessed with marriage and meets one of her favorite marriage writers, who turns out to be a complete jerk who hates weddings. It is then revealed that he is recently divorced and is afraid to love again. After writing a rude article about her, they confront each other, only to realise that they are madly in love. The film ends with their marriage and it is nothing short of a happy ending.

  • One Day

I can only apologise for recommending another extremely sad film, but these are often the best romantic movies. This film follows a day in the life of two people, every five years. They start off in the same university and almost hook up, but decide not to. From then on the film follows them for one day a year and you see their relationship development. They eventually give in to their love for each other and get into a relationship. However, something tragic happens, but I won’t spoil what that is.

The Funniest Cooking Shows Worth Binging in 2021

If you are someone that loves cooking shows, you will be more than aware that they are not beloved around the world due to the culinary skill they portray, they are instead loved due to all of the things that go wrong and the many disasters that people experience while participating on the show. Due to just how popular cooking shows really are, many are being released every single year, so no matter what kind of cooking style that you like, you are bound to find a show that you find interesting.  Here are the funniest cooking shows worth binging in 2021. 


Hell’s Kitchen  

Hell’s Kitchen is arguably the first and most popular cooking show available to watch. What makes this show so hilarious is the actions of Gordon Ramsay. Gordon is known for his short temper and this mixed with the high pressures of a kitchen leads to some very entertaining TV. 

This show only shows how stressful being a chef is and with every episode, you get an insight into what the chefs get up to in their private apartments, which is usually a lot of arguments and a lot of fights. Hell’s kitchen has had a lot of explosive arguments that have even resulted in some people being removed from the show. There was even an episode where someone tried to fight Gordon, which obviously resulted in him being removed from the kitchen. 


High Heat 

If you have ever met someone under the influence of weed, then you will know just how easy it is for them to make mistakes and forget things. Imagine the combination of marijuana use with cooking and you get high heat. This game show focuses on experienced chefs trying to incorporate both THC oil and cbd oil into their meals. The plan is to make something that includes the two ingredients but still tastes delicious and impresses their celebrity guest judges. 

If you are looking for a show that is full of giggles, then you are going to adore this show as it promises to keep you entertained. Everyone that gets involved in the show just looks like they are having a good time, which means that you will feel as though you are having a good time with them which will only make the show more enjoyable.  


World’s Worst Cook 

There is nothing more boring than watching a cooking show where they all get it right. The world’s worst cook takes some of the self-proclaimed worst chefs in the world and challenges them to try and create some culinary masterpieces. As you can imagine, this doesn’t quite go to plan and the food that they do end up making does not look very appetizing.  

Something that makes this show so funny is the way that the judges respond, as they aren’t exactly pleased when they have to tuck into one of their dishes in order to judge it. Some people on this show can’t even peel an orange, which makes it all the funnier. 

The Funniest Quiz Shows we Can’t Stop Watching

If you love a good quiz show, you are probably in the market for a new one. Quiz shows are a lot of fun, and if you have been taking part in quizzes at FridayTrivia, then you may be in the mood to sit back and watch someone else struggle with the humiliation of not being able to answer the difficult questions. Everyone loves a quiz show, and here are some of the funniest quiz shows that you can watch on TV right now.

The Chase

If you are someone that loves competitive quizzes, then you will love the chase. The chase consists of a team of quizzers going up against one of the best quizzers in England to take on several difficult trivia questions. The goal is to finish the game as a team and quiz the chaser to go home with a cash prize. The team has to complete several steps before winning the cash prize, making it all the more exciting.

Tipping Point

5 steps to running a morale boosting Virtual Pub Quiz!When you were a child, you probably went to an arcade and played the penny machines. The penny machines are a fond part of everyone’s childhood, and Tipping Point has taken this love and made it an excellent game show. Contestants have to answer questions to earn counters, which can be put in the machine. The machine works like a classic penny machine, and the goal of the contestants is to knock off coins for money and special coins to win special prizes such as trips away and grand prizes.

Family Feud

Family Feud has been around for some now, and there are versions of it in every country worldwide. This quiz show consists of two families going head to head to guess what the public has answered to a series of questions. The best part about this show is just how competitive people get when they play with their families, you can see the pain in the eyes of contestants when their family members give a bad answer, which makes it hilarious to watch. This show also does several celebrity versions, so you can see one of your favorite celebrities play with their families.

Who wants to be a Millionaire?

This is another classic quiz show that is loved throughout the world. If you love quizzes that are challenging and have many difficulties, then you are bound to love Who wants to be a millionaire. They recently changed their host for a popular TV personality known for his witty remarks and controversial opinions. People believe that this has only made the show better, as the host now has a lot of banter with the contestants and offers commentary that the show was previously missing.

Don’t Forget the Lyrics.

General awareness and current affairs quiz for the weekIf you are prone to forgetting the song lyrics to songs easily, this show will frustrate and entertain you. This game show consists of people having to sing along to several popular songs of different categories. The lyrics then disappear from the screen, and they have to try and remember what the next lyric is, which is harder than it sounds. You can win a fantastic cash prize if you remember the lyrics to a lot of the world’s most popular songs, and the show is currently looking for contestants, so if you feel as though you have the skill, why not take it on?


This is another show that has been around for some time. Catchphrase consists of showing contestants several different videos that are supposed to represent commonly known catchphrases. They then have to race to be the first one to guess what the catchphrase may be. This show is so fun because of all of the random catchphrases people think of, and a lot of the guesses that contestants make are extremely wrong. If you love to see people have a good time, you are bound to enjoy this quiz show.

Why You Should Consider Watching ESports in 2021

With every year that goes by ESports is becoming more and more popular. For those of you out there that don’t know what ESports is, then let me break it down for you. ESports is a large gaming event, where people play under a number of categories in order to become the overall champion of their chosen game.

It is much like seeing a very diverse sporting event and many people refer to it as the Olympics of gaming. Every year, thousands of people gather to watch some of their favorite gamers take part in exciting gaming tournaments.

This year things are going to be a little different, as due to worldwide restrictions, they will not be able to host a large public event like they usually do. This means that you will not be able to watch the games in person unless you are taking part in the games or you are a supporting member of a gaming team.

This year everything will be digital, which means that you will be able to watch it from the comfort of your own home if you purchase a ticket to do so. For people who often go to see the games in person, this may be quite disappointing. However, being able to watch the games from home is going to open ESports to an audience that may not have previously considered watching in a stadium setting.

If you are someone that has never really taken part in the world of ESports, you may now be showing interest due to how easy it is to access this year. However, if you are someone that has never settled in and enjoyed ESports, then you may still be hesitant to purchase a viewing ticket. Here is why you should consider watching ESports in 2021.


It’s good fun

If you are someone that loves taking part in or watching competitive gaming, then you are simply going to love ESports. If you watch ESports, you get to watch all of your favorite gamers fight in real-time, without the additional editing or restrictions of normal videos.

You will be watching it as it happens, so there will be no previous spoilers of the event and you will be able to make guesses and bets among your friends to try and determine who you believe may win. Just like watching any other sporting event, there is something extremely fun about sitting in a room with your friends and watching the events unfold in front of you. It is exciting when someone dies or someone wins and this year you will be able to express your feelings on the matter from the comfort of your own home.


You can learn things

If you are someone that plays games in your personal time, then ESports may be a great learning opportunity for you. ESports brings the best of the best together to play their games and so you will be able to get a good idea of the methods that the gamer uses and what techniques make them successful.

If you have ever taken part in an active sport, then you have probably received the recommendation to study other plays and learn the ins and outs of how they play in order to improve your own results. This is the same case with gaming and if you take the time to study the gameplay techniques of some of these players, then you are bound to improve your own ability in the future.

One element of ESports that you don’t get from just watching gamers play over Youtube or Twitch is that they have to record what they are doing with their hands in order to avoid any cheating, this means that you will be able to see in-depth how they are able to be so successful with the games that they play.

Once you have got a good understanding of the techniques that they use, you will be able to start putting them into practice. Even if you practice using an eft aimbot, you will still be able to test out their methods and see if it works for your personal play style.


You may be inspired to do better

Once again, if you consider yourself to be a gamer, watching ESports may be beneficial to your own gaming journey. Watching other people gain achievements and even cash rewards for their love of gaming may be the inspiration that you need in order to further your own gaming potential.

If you are someone that has the skill to go professional with your gaming, but you don’t have the drive then you are bound to get it from watching people earn millions doing what you already do every day. So watching ESports may give you the occupational boost you need.

Counting down the Hottest Celebrity Couples

With social media and celebrity culture playing such a  huge influence in our lives you must have heard of some of the amazing celebrity couples that have formed over the years. Having a relationship so much in the public eye can be hard and a true test of how much effort is required to fuel a healthy and loving relationship and while some of the couples on this list are pretty fresh others have been together over many years. There are many details online about the trials and tribulations that many celebrity couples have faced, and I must admit that Jada Pinkett Smith’s recent article about her relationship with Will was truly amazing, so much so that I took the love language test to learn my own methods of showing affection.  

Molly Mae and Tommy Fury

Molly Mae and Tommy Fury got together in the 2019 season of hit romance show Love Island, as soon as they met they instantly took a liking to one another and this affection was very apparent from the way they interacted on the show. After their inevitable win, Molly and Tommy remain to this day one of the longest-lasting couples to be on Love Island, providing them with a real success story. As the years have passed this couple have managed to set up a very nice life for themselves with Tommy’s boxing career being very successful and Molly entering many different sectors by conducting high-profile deals with some very well-known beauty brands. As the pair grow in followers at an exponential rate fans of the couple wait in anticipation to find out what is next on their agenda. 



Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith

Another very popular celebrity couple would have to be Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, both have had very successful; acting careers throughout the years and their relationship is the perfect example of how creating a blended family during the later stages of your life are very possible. Now, this relationship has had its flaws with both parties wanting a break to consider their mental health and work out what makes each of them happy, the fact that they were able to build their marriage during this time to become the strong and happy relationship that it is now just shown how perfect these pair are for each other.  


Meryl Streep and Don Gummer

The final celebrity couple on this list would have to be famous actress Meryl Streep and sculptor Don Gummer, this couple has been together for almost forty years and Don has been there to support Meryl through her amazing acting career. Meryl and Don got together in the late seventies and the fact that their marriage has remained so strong especially when it has been placed under significant stress in the public eye, just shows how it doesn’t matter what happens if you are with the right person will get through anything and your relationship will prosper and last a very long time.  

Why You Should Consider Joining a Home Owners Association

When moving into a new apartment complex or planned housing community, it is always worth checking to see if they run a home owner’s association. Most housing communities these days will have one and they are a great boon to any residents in the area, helping to maintain the community both physically with maintenance and upkeep of properties, to improving utilities and landscapes of the community as a whole. A lot of people associate these organizations with high entry fees and overzealous applications of rules and regulations, but much like the old relationship between the UK and EU, the monetary and non-monetary rewards you get back out are more than worth any fee or inconvenience. There are dozens of reasons to join your local HOA, but here are a few to try and convince you that it’s extremely worthwhile to get involved.


Join the Community

An ever-important part of moving to a new area is getting to know those who live around you, especially in communities that run an HOA. This can, however, be a difficult and almost nerve-wracking experience for many people as it involves meeting a lot of strangers in short succession and perhaps putting yourself out there in ways you aren’t necessarily comfortable with. An HOA inherently streamlines this process as each meeting you attend will be filled with dozens of other people from your community who are as interested in maintaining and improving their surroundings as you are. This makes it hugely easy to get to know your new neighbors and will help you make new friends and feel at home in your new surroundings.



The regular meetings are also a safe environment where you can address issues in the community in a civil and calm environment, making it much easier to solve any disputes or complaints you or those around you may have with each other. Many associations will have systems in place to help residents start petitions and solve problems between residents to assure that everyone living there can get along and be as comfortable as possible in and around their homes. Association meetings are also the perfect place to set up community events and social activities with your neighbors, making it incredibly easy to set up your perfect barbeque party with dozens of guests, large outdoor movie nights to share your cinematic interests with others, or even help if you need to sell your home in dc, to make your move permanent.



Joining the Board

Beyond being a good neighbor and getting involved with the meetings and general goings-on in the community, HOAs will also have the option for residents to join the governing board. These associations are run by people in the community for people in the community, and as a result, will always be looking to fill any holes in their board with keen and forward-thinking residents.

Enquiring early on as to whether there are any open positions in the board can make it very clear to the rest of the members that you are excited to get out there and help manage and maintain your community, always a great impression to give those who make decisions about the area in which you reside. These positions are normally voted for by other members of the association, so giving a good impression to others in the community is paramount to your success in joining the board. Once you are there, you will have a lot more power to help your neighbors and yourself.

It will give you a lot more sway in meetings and opens up the opportunity to change rules in your area to suit yourself and those around you. Any rules seem too lax or too harsh? This is the way to start changing that to make your home perfect for you and your family. It will also give you a lot more power to help protect the value of your property and the area it is in, with the association managing everything from communal areas such as pools and parks to overseeing the upkeep of individual plots, the HOA will have a lot to do with keeping your property as resalable as possible, and with you on the board you will be able to contribute to deciding how this will be managed, letting you suit all your needs with ease.


Coming Together

Even though there may be a steep entry fee and members fees to pay, and a lot of rules to follow, joining your local home owner’s association can be a magnificent boon to any property owner in a community. Even with just a couple of examples, I hope I have convinced you to consider making the investment, as it will empower you to make your home the perfect place to live and foster a community that is worth being a part of.

Hollywood Gossip: This Famous Chef has a Rat Problem!

When thinking about dining out in a restaurant owned by a famous chef, I bet you’re first thought isn’t of rat-infested kitchens, you may be shocked to learn that this shocking news is, in fact, true and one of the most famous chefs based in the Connecticut area has a serious rat problem. Known for his classically American menu, famous chef – Bobby Fay is yet to comment on the situation and is said to be focusing on dealing with the issue as soon as possible, in order to be cleared for reopening. The problem with a serious rat infestation like this is that it is hard to know how much damage has been done with limited destruction of property, rats can burrow their way deep into the foundations of a building so this has to be thoroughly checked to be cleared.


If Fay had taken out more defensive measures against pests such as rats, the problem could have been solved before it occurred and the inconvenience and extra expense could have been spared. So often do we see quality establishments overlooking vital health and safety precautions such as pest control, and it really is a shame due to the fact that it could have been avoided, and the restaurant wouldn’t lose out on the profits they could have made whilst they are forced to close.


Particularly for Mr. Fay who was reportedly speeding ahead in the culinary world, serving a range of American classics like his renowned double stack custom burger, which allows customers to select from variations of the burgers ingredients. Innovative ideas like this prove just how big a success Fay had turned his restaurant into. The success of his restaurant makes it all the more disappointing that a good young chef has had his reputation tarnished by something so avoidable. There are many easy steps that could have been taken in order to avoid this health and safety nightmare, not to mention the profits that have been lost as a result of the restaurant’s closure. I would highly recommend any restaurant owner who hasn’t already looked into pest control to do so as soon as possible.


Advice for Restaurants on the importance of pest control

The importance of having high-quality pest control is crucial to the success of your restaurant, often seen as an issue that is dealt with upon its occurrence this simply isn’t the attitude to have. Pest control is generally down to prevention and stopping the creatures from getting into your premises. Although the owner isn’t always at fault, the fact remains that mud sticks within the culinary industry and can have damaging effects on your restaurant’s reputation if you are found with an infestation. With all the highly negative effects neglecting pest control has it makes sense to put steps in place to prevent it from happening.


For a professional restaurant I would highly recommend investing in a pest control contract, there are many options out there from the well-known names in the industry to smaller family-run pest control companies that may be more suited to your needs. Depending on the features, size, and layout of your establishment will allow you to choose how much protection you need, there are many smaller companies available that some would say offer a more personalized pest control setup compared to the mainstream standard packages. If Mr. Fay had taken the necessary steps and invested in a pest control contract with a company such as yalepest, he may not have found himself in the situation he is in.

The 10 Most Unusual Youtube Channels of 2020

As the years go by, YouTube channels seems to just be betting weirder and weirder, leading many to be demonetized or taken off the recommended list. This is really bad for small channels as it makes it even harder to get more subscribers, and so this has created a situation in which many people are buying YouTube views from sites like themarketingheaven.com in order to keep their channel going. While this has had a negative impact, there are still some very unusual channels, and they aren’t too hard too hard to find. Here’s 10 of the strangest ones out there now!

10. iDubbbzTV2

While iDubbbzTV used to be one of the biggest names on YouTube, he doesn’t make nearly as much content now as he did back in the early 2010’s. However, under the new moniker iDubbbzTV2 he’s back to uploading strange videos, with the current motif being exterminating squirrels from his garden.

9. Infinite Waters

Described by some as a philosophical guru, infinite waters takes New Age hippy philosophy to an absurd level. So, if you’re wanting to try your hand at meditation or if you just want some laughs, give this channel a try.

8. All Gas No Breaks

“I know my slave master, not many people can say that. Mr. T. H. Willis, may he rest in peace”. This is a quote from an attendee at a recent Donald Trump Jr book signing event during an interview by Liam Callaghan from All Gas No Breaks. From flat earth conventions to interviews with toe-licking clowns, this channel travels to all sorts of conventions to uncover some of the strangest minds in America.

7. Full Marx

While Full Marx may seem like any other parkour channel, he is actually the great great grandson of political scientist Karl Marx, the legendary father of communism.


The Big Lez Show is a hilariously strange adult cartoon that took the internet by storm a few years ago, and it’s still going strong today.

5. Paul Joseph Watson (PJW)

While its meant to be a serious political channel, PJW comes out with such ridiculous and ill-informed political takes that you can only laugh.

4. Larry Carlson

Every wanted to try LSD but don’t want to take the risk? Well Larry Carlson is a creative YouTuber who makes videos that make the viewer feel like they’re really tripping.

3. The Report of The Week

Possibly the most loved channel on YouTube, The Report of the Week is a man who dresses up in a suit to review the most mundane foods you can imagine with a ridiculous amount of enthusiasm and seriousness, making his videos dry comedy gold.

2. HowToBasic

Shockingly, HowToBasic is one of the biggest channels on YouTube, despite the fact that the videos  contain nothing but a man breathing heavily into the microphone and breaking various household items.

1. Cyriak

Cyriak is a British animator who makes seriously strange loops of creepy creatures doing weird things. His videos really are impossible to explain as they take surrealism to a whole new level, so you really just have to watch them for yourself.

The Most Interesting Event That Happened in 2019

If you’re looking for an event with great music, great food, great people and all set in a great location then Beatherder is the event for you. This festival comes with a unique sense of freedom that you really can’t get anywhere else, there really isn’t anything else like it. Those of you that have been lucky enough to go will know just how cool this place really is, I mean where else can you get great music acts combined with all the weird and wonderful art exhibitions, a hidden swimming pool, pop up tattoo parlor all tied off with a paint throwing party and huge fireworks display.

The music acts gives us a good old mixture of old style club classics to the newer techno vibes, however with a pop up gentlemans club featuring acts like the Lancashire Hotpots you can be sure that your music taste has been catered for no matter your preferred genre. The camping facilities are great with pitching spaces available all a short walk from the music areas and seperate areas are available with glamping teepees for those of you that don’t fancy braving the elements. Showers are on site so theres no worries about the dreaded wet wipes!

The range of local food and retail markets that are on site is amazing providing a delicious variety of reasonably priced food and shops to buy a little keepsake as well as supporting local trade. Beatherder really is an event that has been thought through and catered for its well valued customers. The level of detail that is put into each and every aspect of the event is what sets it apart from others like it. So come on get your wellies on and prepare yourself for 2020s Beatherder event.