This World Famous DJ Just Announced They are Retiring

This World Famous DJ Just Announced They are Retiring

The party world is set to lose another industry star, with yet another popular DJ announcing they are going to be retiring pretty soon. It is a sad day for fans of Carl Cox who has performed around the world for almost ten years. His unique style of music has been sought after by top labels for many years but Cox always stayed true to himself and created upbeat mixes of classic songs whilst implementing his own sound style to produce some of the most in-demand music shows. Cox’s legal team have said that he always planned to go into early retirement in comparison to his competition and that he would stop being a DJ when it was no longer enjoyable for him, it makes some sense that Cox is ready for retirement with his recent news backlash portraying him in a negative light.


Early Career

Cox’s early career consisted of shows local to the London nightclubbing scene but it didn’t take long for him to outgrow this location, with Cox being a regular headlining act in some of the top bars and nightclubs within London city center. After becoming a sensation in the Uk, Cox then set his sights on conquering the world, and he did just that. With shows ranging from Vegas to Amsterdam Cox has done everything a DJ can do, his shows were a regular sellout as people came from all over the world to witness the musical talent he had. When Cox was on the DJ decks all eyes were on him, he seemed totally in his element and his success can clearly be seen in the number of sellouts he had during his career.


Music Style

Cox’s music style is one that cannot be replicated, his control over his huge DJ setup and obviously apparent passion for performing made him one of the world’s most influential DJs to ever grace us with his music. Cox had a certain flair for combining futuristic beats with popular tracks, the fact that people came from all over the world to see his performances just shows how popular he was as a musician. In terms of music style Cox was known for providing energetic beats and ensuring that everyone who was lucky enough to be in his audience was on the dance floor having a good time.


For amateur DJs out there who would like to try their hand at continuing COx’s work, djequipped is a great place to source high-quality DJing equipment for any music enthusiast. Fans of Cox would argue that his unique sound style cannot be replicated, but a final statement from Cox himself stated that he wished to continue to inspire future generations through the power of music, so I would encourage anybody who wants to give DJing a go to do so and continue the legacy of one of the world’s most popular musical creators.


What Next?

With the shock announcement of Cox’s retirement many are questioning what is next for the Dj star, there are talks that Cox is going to take some time away with his family and just enjoy a work-free lifestyle for a while. However, his multi-million-pound empire suggests he won’t be staying quiet forever with many predicting he will instead be turning his attention to music production, charity work, and continuing to travel the globe. The world may have lost one of the greatest DJs, but his music is bound to stand the test of time as some of the most influential productions within this industry.


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