These Are the Camera Lenses Being Used in Hollywood Right Now

These Are the Camera Lenses Being Used in Hollywood Right Now

Lights, Camera, Action! The Hollywood slogan that keeps the entertainment industry turning. And within the glitz and glamour of Hollywood lies the paparazzi. The ever-vigilant eyes that keep us up to date on everything from the hottest celeb fashion trends to Who is dating Who.

But how do the paparazzi take such high-quality pictures? It all boils down to their lenses and the camera being used. You can find hundreds of articles detailing what cameras are being used, but we want to get more specific. So we are going to be looking at the Camera Lenses being used In Hollywood Right Now!


Sigma 18-250mm

One of the best lenses for the nikon d3200 camera out there, The Sigma 18-250 is a powerhouse unit that allows for crystal sharp images from up-close at the red carpet all the way to the sneaky snaps taken from afar of a celeb enjoying their lunch.

The lens is fitted with optical stabilizers as well, meaning even photographers with a case of the shaky hand can get quality images using this lens. All of this is housed in a new thermally stable composite meaning it weighs less, takes up less space but does not sacrifice image quality.

As lenses go, this is the most common one you will see being used on the red carpet.


Nikon 35mm

Hollywood stars love a good portrait of themselves. A great spread in a magazine or brand new headshots for their portfolio. And Hollywood is not short of professional photographers setting up fantastic modeling shoots. And at these shoots, you can expect to see the Nikon 35mm lens.

The lens itself is great for up-close and personal shoots. But its versatility is what makes it. The lens allows for attachments to be added meaning photographers can change the use of the lens on the fly without having to lug around a large number of different lenses.


Tokina 11-16mm

Moving away from the paparazzi, we are now looking at those taking scenic shots around Hollywood. Everything from studio location Scouters to simply photography enthusiasts. And the lens of choice for this type of photography is the Tokina 11-16mm. An ultra-wide-angle zoom lens with a precision ultra-fast clutch mechanism allowing for instant focusing at the touch of a button. This is a fantastic lens for anyone looking to capture scenic shots.

The Lens is compatible with a large range of cameras, including the major brands. Which is why it is so popular in Hollywood. It is a versatile unit that provides both practical usage and artistic freedom.


Nikon 18-55mm

This lens is used less by the paparazzi and more by the high-end professional photographers. You will find art exhibits and underground expos filled with photos taken with this lens. The hottest and most influential Hollywood artists make use of it.

The biggest selling point is the two aspherical lenses providing the clearest and sharpest image you will be able to get. The lens comes with an incredible silent auto-focus and is great for both portraits, scenic shots, and casual photography.

Nikon often leads the way in both cameras and lenses, so its no surprise this one is being used by some of Hollywood’s most elite.


Hollywood is a world of glitz and glamour. And we are able to peer into the celebrity world thanks to the photographers. But without the technology utilized, we would have nothing. So if you want to feel like Hollywood paparazzi any of these lenses attached to your camera will help you fit the role.



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