These are The 7 Most Expensive Celebrity Homes Ever Built

These are The 7 Most Expensive Celebrity Homes Ever Built

The world of property is extremely different at the celebrity end compared to what most people are useful. Boasting glass-fronted villas and high-rise penthouse suites, many millionaires live in unbelievable accommodation. Even among these, though, there are some homes which cost almost unfathomable amounts of money, and some big names who live in them. Here I will show you what I found to be the 7 most expensive celebrity homes.


Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has been a prolific actor throughout the last few decades, starring in dozens of Hollywood blockbusters and earning his place as one of the highest-paid actors of all time and one of the most recognizable.

Cruise has not gone out of his way to hide this success, living an extravagant if respectful lifestyle. Part of this extravagance is his 298-acre plot of land in Colorado, valued at around $59 million. With panoramic views of the Rockies, a lighted court build for multiple sports, and even a motocross track, Tom has spent a lot of money creating his own slice of heaven.


Marcus Persson

The creator of the world-renowned and era-defining video game Minecraft had no idea that one day his little pet project Cave Game would one day earn him a $2.5 billion pay-out from the largest tech company in the world. Persson proceeded to do what any sane person would when giving such an obscene amount of money – purchase the most expensive property in Beverly Hills.

$70million seems like a huge amount of money to you and me, but to the recipient of the (at the time) largest single sale of all time, it was a pittance. His home includes a full glass side to the house which retracts to open the living room up to the infinity pool outside and even a candy room with M&Ms sorted by color!


Jay Z and Beyoncé

Of course, one of the world’s most famous power couples finds its way on to this list. Well known for their high-class lifestyle, their abode perfectly complements the absurdly expensive life they lead. With 40-foot-high ceilings and 6 individual buildings, this smart home has a basketball court, bullet-proof windows, and even a helipad.

This lavish fortress originally boasted a $135million price tag, but at the eye-watering price of $88million, Jay and Beyoncé have found the home of many people’s dreams, and they certainly seem to have everything other than exclusive solar leads!


Oprah Winfrey

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Oprah also has some incredible habitation. As one of the world’s most recognizable and widely known TV personalities with one of the most successful TV shows, Oprah has earned her incredible estate. Taking a much more elegant and traditional route to opulence, she lives in a Lavish, Georgian style house with huge grounds.

With full equestrian facilities, a stocked fishing lake, and a rose garden, her property seems straight out of European high-society. Beyond the outdoor fireplaces and gourmet kitchen, the huge 42-acre site earns its price tag further with its timeless, classic architecture which reminds me more of a Bond villain than Oprah.


George Lucas

Moving more into the realm of absurdly rich celebrities, the famous Skywalker Ranch has been estimated to be worth over $100million dollars. Lucas is well known for his love of secrecy, so little is known about this estate beyond first-hand accounts and little photographic evidence.

Regardless, it is known that Lucas enjoys an immensely huge property that contains everything he needs to keep himself occupied. With a 2-story library and full-sized, 300 seat theatre, and several vineyards, Lucas has assembled his own extreme slice of heaven. He even has a 200-space underground parking lot for visitors!


George Clooney

As expected, George Clooney has taken the most elegant and refined approach to his living arrangements. With enough fame and money to live anywhere he pleases, Clooney opted for an 18th-century villa in Italy. He has made many modern alterations to the property, including a gym and dedicated pizza room, but this property gets most of its worth from its professionally landscaped gardens and its original carved ceilings and tile floors.


Bill Gates

Surprising no one, the owner and ex-CEO of Microsoft, once known as the richest person on the planet also owns the most expensive home of all celebrities. Located on a beach on Lake Washington, this futuristic masterpiece of a mansion has anything you could possibly think of in a dream home. With underwater music systems in his pools and a domed library, he has spared none of his fortunes while designing his home. To protect it all he even has pressure-sensitive flooring and mandatory microchips for each guest which tracks their location and lets them adjust the lighting and heating to their pleasure.


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