The Indie Revolution: How Indie Games are Breaking the Mould

The Indie Revolution: How Indie Games are Breaking the Mould

One of the biggest developments in PC gaming in recent years is the Indie Revolution. We have seen thousands of popular and, most importantly, critically acclaimed games swarm onto the market. What is less well known however is that the same thing has happened, admittedly to a lesser extent, on the Xbox and PS4 platforms. The question thus arises, why is this is the case? And what are the best indie games now available on our consoles?

The main reason for the sudden flood of indie games on our consoles is due to the creation of many gaming tech start-ups in places like Silicon Valley, where there is a new atmosphere that seems to particularly nurture cheaper indie game development. So what are the best games these tech-startups have produced, and how do they break the mold? We think there are two big stand-outs:


Enter the Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon has gained popularity due to its strange combination of rapid-fire shooting and a progression system that is very rogue-like. The game was developed by Dodge Roll and later published by Devolver Digital and has become beloved by fans due to its weird take on the crowded genre. Instead of the world revamping when you die, all of the surrounding areas actually remains intact while the coordinates and types of enemies change.


Rocket League

The second game is rocket league, and it is beloved for its beautiful simplicity. It essentially combines the accessibility of racing games with the rush of soccer games. Consequently, it can be understood almost immediately, and yet its skill progression is rich and essentially infinite. While this long rank progression has led to things like rocket league rank boosting, this is for good reason, as the game is massively competitive.


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