The 7 Most Inspiring Fitness Celebrity Moms

The 7 Most Inspiring Fitness Celebrity Moms

Being a mother is easily the most difficult job going. And staying fit with a little one around your arm is an almost herculean task. Despite all that here at seven powerhouse mothers who manage to balance their careers, being a mother and staying fit.

Penelope Cruz

Before, during and after her pregnancy, Penelope Cruz took to dancing like a fish to water. “I love dancing and ballet and it’s too boring for me to go to the gym to keep fit,” she said. Not only a great way to stay fit, but a perfect activity to bond with the little ones.

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff turned to the ancient and respected art of yoga to stay fit and healthy during her pregnancy. Beyond being amazingly good for the body, yoga calms the mind and is a brilliant stress reliver. Hilary was an icon for young people for years and now she continues to be a health icon for mothers everywhere too.

Zoe Saldana

From Avatar to Avengers, Zoe Saldana has proven she is one of the most flexible mums on screen. And this translates to her personal training as well. Practising dance mixed with boxing moves and taking a keen interest in gymnastics, she has kept herself fit both during and after her pregnancy. And if you’re keen to take to gymnastics like Zoe, make sure you visit fit2bmom.

Natalie Portman

Nothing is better exercise than swimming. And Natalie Portman became a regular mermaid during her pregnancy. The health benefits of swimming are unparalleled. It is excellent for the joints and it cools you down. Considering pregnant women run slightly hotter, Natalie Portman is wise in her choice of exercise regime.

Jessica Alba

Actress and Chairwoman of her own company, Jessica Alba has a lot of her plate, on top of being a mother. Yet she manages to fit in time for her exercise regime. With a mix of hot yoga called yoga sculpt, and cycling, she manages to stay healthy and fit. When she has more free time, Jessica Alba has been known to dabble in kickboxing. Always pushing herself, she continues to be an icon for women everywhere.


Halle Berry

Famous the world over, Halle Berry has a consistently full schedule of filming and other commitments. Yet in all that she still finds time to exercise. Having crafted her own personal half-hour routine that hits all the core muscle groups, she makes sure to exercise five of the seven days of the week. From Catwoman to kick-ass mother, Halle Berry reminds us why she is an icon every day.

Jessica Biel

Looking at Jessica Biel you would never have known she was pregnant. A lot of that is to do with her positive attitude towards exercise and diet. She has been a vocal advocate of the mental health benefits of regular exercise. Her favourite exercises are anything that involves the outdoors. Cycling, hiking and jogging. She is often caught out with her dogs keep fit and healthy.



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