The 5 Most Lavish Celebrity Gardens Ever

The 5 Most Lavish Celebrity Gardens Ever

Celebrities are known for their lavish and often over the top approaches to everyday life. Incredible parties and luxury holidays are often in the public eye. But one part of celebrity life that never gets put under the spotlight is their gardens. Some celebrities have gone above and beyond in creating some truly exceptional gardens. Below are five of the most impressive of them.

Mel Gibson

The star of Braveheart and Mad Max is known for his intensity and ferocity. People everywhere would associate him with raw power. So you might be shocked to know that he has a keen creative eye for gardening decoration. Mel likes to keep his mental skills sharp and to that end has installed a life-size chessboard in his garden with beautifully crafted stone statues making up the pieces. More of a set piece than practical, it stands as something direct from a fantasy novel brought into reality. Each tile is its own slab of stone with the beautifully maintained grass flowing between them.

Nicolas Cage

You can’t move through a DVD store without seeing the face of Nicolas Cage. He is multifaceted and talented beyond belief. And his hard work has paid off in the form of his extravagant home. A converted Tudor mansion that speaks volumes simply by its exterior. And he is boasting a luxury garden to match. Painstakingly maintaining the air of authenticity that comes with the property. A little slice of history shown through the garden.

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Dawn French

The former Vicar of Dibley has made her home surrounded by luscious nature. Verdant green and calming breezes make up her days. And she is no stranger to lavish gardening. Focusing more on creating a mixture of vibrant colours with her flower arrangements, she has cultivated a utopia of flowers that would impress even the most seasoned gardening veteran.

Alan Titchmarsh

Alan Titchmarsh is known for being the gardening man. He lives and breathes gardening. So you could expect him to have a personal garden to match his skill set. And he does not disappoint. Taking the world on a tour through his garden he revealed what could be considered a paradise.

Verdant trees lead a patch through his wonderfully maintained pathways. Ornate fountains with water falling into lavish waterways that run across and through the beautiful landscape. It truly is a sight to behold.

Jenifer Aniston

With a home in Beverly Hills, Jennifer Aniston is often found entertaining guests in her luxury home. To that end, she has created a garden space designed to dazzle. Mixing the wonders of nature with a distinctly modern feel. Outside furnishings with an emphasis on comfort first matched with intricate and stylish designs. This compliments the wonderful maintained plants and trees that surround them. For anyone lucky enough to be invited, this is truly a garden to behold.


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