The 5 Most Entertaining Sports Stars You’ve Never Heard of

The 5 Most Entertaining Sports Stars You’ve Never Heard of

When it comes to sports it’s easy to forget the names of all the members of our favorite teams. What we don’t often realize is that away from the sports, a lot of these athletes are actually incredibly entertaining. Here are 5 of these sports stars that you’ve probably not heard of.

Shun Fujimoto

When it comes to dedication, this man definitely has it. You may not have heard of him because he was in the Olympics during the 70’s, but his story is definitely one that you’ll be telling all of your friends. He was on the Japanese men’s gymnastic team and sustained an injury that completely shattered his right knee. Any other athlete would have called it a day and watched the rest of his team compete from the sidelines, but not Shun. He instead pretended that his injury was nonexistent and proceeded to take part in two more events. Horrifically during his last event Shun furthered his injury, dislocating his knee and tearing his ligaments. Amazingly he managed to land his jump and receive a near perfect score of 9.7. Unfortunately he had to withdraw after this injury, but there are no arguments that he is a badass in the sports injury- but strangely nobody seems to have heard of him. That year the men’s Japanese gymnastic team also went on to win the gold medal and I imagine that Shun’s example of dedication can partly be said to be the reason for this.

Jason Belmonte

You may not have heard of this sports star because he is popular in 10 pin bowling, which isn’t exactly promoted regularly. Though, it is a really interesting sport with a lot of talented athletes. If you’re interested in learning more about popular 10 pin bowling stars or even more about the sport, you can always look at sites like AboutBowlingBowls. Jason Belmonte is a professional ten-pin bowler from Australia and really gained attention through his rarely used technique of two handed shots. He is a really impressive player and is one of only 16 players in history to have won over 20 PBA titles, with 22 wins to his name. Impressively he has won player of the year five times, with his 10 pin bowling career only starting in 2000. He is also one of the highest earning 10 pin bowlers, surpassing earnings of 1.5 million in 2019 alone. This is impressive because this 10 pin bowling isn’t exactly a popular sport and he has enabled himself to make a good career out of it.

Wilma Rudolph

What is remarkable about this athlete is the issues that she had to overcome in order to achieve her athletic goals. As a child she contracted polio and pneumonia, which almost killed her at a young age. She was told that she would never walk again. Due to the segregation of black in the 40s she had to travel 200 miles for weeks. During her teenage years she regained the use of her legs, and incredibly by the age of 16 she competed as the youngest member of the US track team, winning a bronze medal. Her story and achievements make her really stand out and is a story you should share with friends.

Babe Didrikson Zaharias

She is labelled as one the best female athletes of all time. She isn’t just accomplished in one sport, in fact she was even coined after Babe Ruth because she hit a remarkable 5 home runs. She also was a three time basketball champion. But this wasn’t just all, she also competed in national running competitions alone against a team of 10 athletes, winning. She really is just a remarkable athlete. Every single sport she has taken part in she has excelled and you should definitely look into her more.

Achmat Hassiem

This athlete is incredibly entertaining due to one factor, he had his leg eaten by a shark. For many people this would scare you from ever entering the water again, however he was keen to continue his love of swimming. He went on to take part in the 2008 Beijing Paralympics and against all odds, managed to win a bronze medal. He is the perfect example of what you can achieve if you don’t let fear get in the way. He now dedicates a lot of his life to the conservation of marine life, showing he really holds no grudge against the animal that hurt him.


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