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The Most Hilarious & Ridiculous Home Painting Jobs Ever in Canada

These ridiculous stories of some Canada’s most inept celebrities will hopefully help us remember that we are not the only ones who struggle with our painting jobs.

Justin Bieber

Now this story has become that of legend, when a young Justin Bieber called around Canada looking for Tartan Paint. Bieber is said to have become obsessed with the material in 2014, buying tartan bed sheets, t-shirts and obviously kilts. He was then told by a member of his entourage that this great painter in Calgary, Canada could use the pattern to paint the interior of one of his many homes. This was obviously a joke and it is said Justin Bieber himself was on the phone to several confused painters.

Ryan Reynolds

In 2017 Ryan Reynolds got his whole house painted then realized it was the wrong color. Ryan went through the grueling process of getting his wooden winter home repainted in a modern mahogany, then after an excited painter showed Reynolds the house he decided it just was not the right color; going through the whole process again.


Perhaps the most stereo-typically rich story is that of Drake and how he got the wrong house painted. It is said that Drake furiously called up his hired painting company, before he was told he was at the wrong house. He simply owns to many homes for his own good.

Ryan Gosling

To take this passage down a more humble route when compared to Drake, is the tale of Ryan Gosling who was stranded on his roof after trying to paint his own home. Gosling was looking to get some DIY work in and decided to paint his Newfoundland home a sweet pink. As Gosling worked his way up the exterior, he realized his ladder would not reach the top of his home. He then decided to climb up on to his roof and lean over the side. After he had finished, he realized that this house was a lot easier to get up than get down. He had to call up a buddy to drive up from Halifax with a longer ladder. He spent five hours in total on his roof, just hire someone in future Ryan.

Celine Dion

An issue that most normal people do not suffer from is the infliction of buying too much paint. Celine Dion fell fatal to this in 1997 when she bought ten 5.5 litre cans of paint. It must be noted that these ten cans of paint were for only one room. So what would you do if you bought too much paint? Just return it? Nope, not for Celine she decided to paint every room in her second home sun yellow. A nice color but every room? Maybe not for me.

Rachel McAdams

It may be a shock that Ryan Goslings Notebook co-star also has a paint based story, but a pre-famous Rachel McAdams had to leave her house after she bought too much paint. This one is just ridiculous, but after moving to California for her acting career McAdams decided to give her dingey flat a little makeover. This little makeover turned into a big makeover, and McAdams spent so much money on paint that she actually missed her next rent payment. This one is excusable you have got to live like a star to become a star.

Jim Carrey 

Jim Carrey is a known Canadian prankster, but this one may have crossed the line. In the 1990s at the peak of his fame he actually painted all the houses in his neighborhood. Going for a rainbow theme he got a different color of the rainbow for each house. This resulted in a class-action lawsuit by his neighbors, which was eventually settled out of court for an undisclosed fee. This just goes to show that comedy has a price. The story does have a happy ending as some of his neighbors actually liked their new colors and kept them. So, for some of Carrey’s neighbors they got paid to have their house painted, not a bad deal.

Seth Rogen

The final celebrity to be mentioned in this passage is Seth Rogen, who actually forgot he had his house painted. He spent hours driving around Toronto looking for his holiday home. At one point he had to call his wife to actually check if he owned a holiday home. She did reassure him and gave him the address to his house. When he pulled up, he realized that he had driven past this house several times and he knew this was not his house. It was not until he tried to unlock the door with his key that he realized this was actually his home. He had simply forgot he had it painted a lovely lime green.