Hollywood Gossip: This Famous Chef has a Rat Problem!

Hollywood Gossip: This Famous Chef has a Rat Problem!

When thinking about dining out in a restaurant owned by a famous chef, I bet you’re first thought isn’t of rat-infested kitchens, you may be shocked to learn that this shocking news is, in fact, true and one of the most famous chefs based in the Connecticut area has a serious rat problem. Known for his classically American menu, famous chef – Bobby Fay is yet to comment on the situation and is said to be focusing on dealing with the issue as soon as possible, in order to be cleared for reopening. The problem with a serious rat infestation like this is that it is hard to know how much damage has been done with limited destruction of property, rats can burrow their way deep into the foundations of a building so this has to be thoroughly checked to be cleared.


If Fay had taken out more defensive measures against pests such as rats, the problem could have been solved before it occurred and the inconvenience and extra expense could have been spared. So often do we see quality establishments overlooking vital health and safety precautions such as pest control, and it really is a shame due to the fact that it could have been avoided, and the restaurant wouldn’t lose out on the profits they could have made whilst they are forced to close.


Particularly for Mr. Fay who was reportedly speeding ahead in the culinary world, serving a range of American classics like his renowned double stack custom burger, which allows customers to select from variations of the burgers ingredients. Innovative ideas like this prove just how big a success Fay had turned his restaurant into. The success of his restaurant makes it all the more disappointing that a good young chef has had his reputation tarnished by something so avoidable. There are many easy steps that could have been taken in order to avoid this health and safety nightmare, not to mention the profits that have been lost as a result of the restaurant’s closure. I would highly recommend any restaurant owner who hasn’t already looked into pest control to do so as soon as possible.


Advice for Restaurants on the importance of pest control

The importance of having high-quality pest control is crucial to the success of your restaurant, often seen as an issue that is dealt with upon its occurrence this simply isn’t the attitude to have. Pest control is generally down to prevention and stopping the creatures from getting into your premises. Although the owner isn’t always at fault, the fact remains that mud sticks within the culinary industry and can have damaging effects on your restaurant’s reputation if you are found with an infestation. With all the highly negative effects neglecting pest control has it makes sense to put steps in place to prevent it from happening.


For a professional restaurant I would highly recommend investing in a pest control contract, there are many options out there from the well-known names in the industry to smaller family-run pest control companies that may be more suited to your needs. Depending on the features, size, and layout of your establishment will allow you to choose how much protection you need, there are many smaller companies available that some would say offer a more personalized pest control setup compared to the mainstream standard packages. If Mr. Fay had taken the necessary steps and invested in a pest control contract with a company such as yalepest, he may not have found himself in the situation he is in.


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