Even Celebrities Have Septic Tank Problems

Even Celebrities Have Septic Tank Problems

Septic tanks… the unsung heroes of our beautiful nation. What can you say about these little miracle workers they simply keep our day to day deeds flowing. Though most commonly used in the rural parts of our country the septic tank is still surprisingly popular, even with our celebrity friends.

This may not be popular knowledge, but Tom Hanks actually owns a holiday home down in Memphis, Tennessee. So, in 2012 like with most his summers he decided to head down and live low in the southern sun. This summer was going to be different however, as he walked in he began to hear this constant rumbling around his home. This gurgling did not go away and after two hours he deduced that it had to be rats in his walls, so he decided to call pest control. Nothing. He then thought it must be his sink, so he called a plumber. Nothing. After days of this gurgling he decided to go for a peaceful walk in his vast garden. Then he stumbled across it. His septic tank. Then it hit him. So, he instantly jumped on the phone and called multiple septic tank pumping companies. Who quickly fixed his gurgling issues, and American treasure Tom Hanks finally got to enjoy his summer in Tennessee.

This next septic tank problem is just really gross. As it is the story of septic tank based mold that actually sprouted in Andrew Garfield’s home. Like most A-list celebrities Garfield is not at his home too much throughout the year. As he is usually out working on his numerous cinematic roles. After the filming of the Social Network, Garfield finally returned to his home to take some well earned rest, but what he came home to was probably the last thing he was hoping for. His septic tank had caused a giant green and brown mold to develop and envelop the walls of his bathroom. This came from a leak that had generated at the beginning of the Social Networks filming, and by the end you can only imagine what Garfield’s bathroom looked like. In a quote he described his bathroom “I could not believe it man… I mean I would rather I came home to burnt down house. I cannot even describe the smell man. I had to tear down the entire wall. While It was getting removed I had to stay in a hotel with my cat, there is no way we can stay in the same building as that thing.” Strong words, but who can blame him. Like I said this one is just really gross.

The next celebrity to have septic tank problems was Jennifer Lopez. She had a major issue with her getaway home in the outer New York suburbs. The smell. Like Hanks she first thought a rat had died in her walls. So, she also called up a handyman to have a look in her walls. Nothing. After following the smell, she realized this stench was coming from her toilet and decided to literally sell her house instead of fixing it. It must have been some smell.

If you learn one thing from this article, it is to please check your septic tank!


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