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The Funniest Cooking Shows Worth Binging in 2021

If you are someone that loves cooking shows, you will be more than aware that they are not beloved around the world due to the culinary skill they portray, they are instead loved due to all of the things that go wrong and the many disasters that people experience while participating on the show. Due to just how popular cooking shows really are, many are being released every single year, so no matter what kind of cooking style that you like, you are bound to find a show that you find interesting.  Here are the funniest cooking shows worth binging in 2021. 


Hell’s Kitchen  

Hell’s Kitchen is arguably the first and most popular cooking show available to watch. What makes this show so hilarious is the actions of Gordon Ramsay. Gordon is known for his short temper and this mixed with the high pressures of a kitchen leads to some very entertaining TV. 

This show only shows how stressful being a chef is and with every episode, you get an insight into what the chefs get up to in their private apartments, which is usually a lot of arguments and a lot of fights. Hell’s kitchen has had a lot of explosive arguments that have even resulted in some people being removed from the show. There was even an episode where someone tried to fight Gordon, which obviously resulted in him being removed from the kitchen. 


High Heat 

If you have ever met someone under the influence of weed, then you will know just how easy it is for them to make mistakes and forget things. Imagine the combination of marijuana use with cooking and you get high heat. This game show focuses on experienced chefs trying to incorporate both THC oil and cbd oil into their meals. The plan is to make something that includes the two ingredients but still tastes delicious and impresses their celebrity guest judges. 

If you are looking for a show that is full of giggles, then you are going to adore this show as it promises to keep you entertained. Everyone that gets involved in the show just looks like they are having a good time, which means that you will feel as though you are having a good time with them which will only make the show more enjoyable.  


World’s Worst Cook 

There is nothing more boring than watching a cooking show where they all get it right. The world’s worst cook takes some of the self-proclaimed worst chefs in the world and challenges them to try and create some culinary masterpieces. As you can imagine, this doesn’t quite go to plan and the food that they do end up making does not look very appetizing.  

Something that makes this show so funny is the way that the judges respond, as they aren’t exactly pleased when they have to tuck into one of their dishes in order to judge it. Some people on this show can’t even peel an orange, which makes it all the funnier.