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How to be a Drag Queen (Step by Step)

Albeit against the stereotype; drag isn’t just exclusively for gay men. Any man can perform drag and unleash their effeminacy, be it for comedic effect, entertainment or simply they just want to. This is a step by step guide on how to successfully pull off being a drag queen.

  1. Decide whether to shave your facial hair and remove about all your hair or not. Not all drag queens do this, and this is referred to as “bear drag”. You shouldn’t feel pressured to reach for the hair removal cream if you don’t want to.
  2. Glam up with make-up. Usually, drag queens pamper their faces with as much make up as possible. Remember false eyelashes and outrages colours. Practice is key, watch YouTube tutorials, magazines et cetera to grasp this skill. Your drag queen is expressing the inner effeminacy in you so in case your persona changes, you don’t want to rely on another person’s vision to hamper your self-expression.
  3. Do you want to replicate Cher and her diva persona, or the gothic image of Siousxie Sioux? While make-up application holds a key role, one can also argue the outfit must match. Keep to dresses and skirts as these hides what lies underneath, also don’t go mad with spending, dresses can get expensive. Start of with a few inexpensive dresses or one which you can afford. Also, high heels are a must, it creates a female figure and makes you stand out more. And perhaps a gaff to help hide what’s underneath.
  4. Last to look the part is the wig, get a good one that’ll withstand time and can take a beating when it comes to styling. Wigs are what you pay for, if you want to look the part you have to splash out.

If you follow this guide, you will no doubt be able to look the part for whatever you want to do in drag; be it performance or for a hobby while respecting the craft of drag and becoming your own drag queen.