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Why You Should Consider Joining a Home Owners Association

When moving into a new apartment complex or planned housing community, it is always worth checking to see if they run a home owner’s association. Most housing communities these days will have one and they are a great boon to any residents in the area, helping to maintain the community both physically with maintenance and upkeep of properties, to improving utilities and landscapes of the community as a whole. A lot of people associate these organizations with high entry fees and overzealous applications of rules and regulations, but much like the old relationship between the UK and EU, the monetary and non-monetary rewards you get back out are more than worth any fee or inconvenience. There are dozens of reasons to join your local HOA, but here are a few to try and convince you that it’s extremely worthwhile to get involved.


Join the Community

An ever-important part of moving to a new area is getting to know those who live around you, especially in communities that run an HOA. This can, however, be a difficult and almost nerve-wracking experience for many people as it involves meeting a lot of strangers in short succession and perhaps putting yourself out there in ways you aren’t necessarily comfortable with. An HOA inherently streamlines this process as each meeting you attend will be filled with dozens of other people from your community who are as interested in maintaining and improving their surroundings as you are. This makes it hugely easy to get to know your new neighbors and will help you make new friends and feel at home in your new surroundings.



The regular meetings are also a safe environment where you can address issues in the community in a civil and calm environment, making it much easier to solve any disputes or complaints you or those around you may have with each other. Many associations will have systems in place to help residents start petitions and solve problems between residents to assure that everyone living there can get along and be as comfortable as possible in and around their homes. Association meetings are also the perfect place to set up community events and social activities with your neighbors, making it incredibly easy to set up your perfect barbeque party with dozens of guests, large outdoor movie nights to share your cinematic interests with others, or even help if you need to sell your home in dc, to make your move permanent.



Joining the Board

Beyond being a good neighbor and getting involved with the meetings and general goings-on in the community, HOAs will also have the option for residents to join the governing board. These associations are run by people in the community for people in the community, and as a result, will always be looking to fill any holes in their board with keen and forward-thinking residents.

Enquiring early on as to whether there are any open positions in the board can make it very clear to the rest of the members that you are excited to get out there and help manage and maintain your community, always a great impression to give those who make decisions about the area in which you reside. These positions are normally voted for by other members of the association, so giving a good impression to others in the community is paramount to your success in joining the board. Once you are there, you will have a lot more power to help your neighbors and yourself.

It will give you a lot more sway in meetings and opens up the opportunity to change rules in your area to suit yourself and those around you. Any rules seem too lax or too harsh? This is the way to start changing that to make your home perfect for you and your family. It will also give you a lot more power to help protect the value of your property and the area it is in, with the association managing everything from communal areas such as pools and parks to overseeing the upkeep of individual plots, the HOA will have a lot to do with keeping your property as resalable as possible, and with you on the board you will be able to contribute to deciding how this will be managed, letting you suit all your needs with ease.


Coming Together

Even though there may be a steep entry fee and members fees to pay, and a lot of rules to follow, joining your local home owner’s association can be a magnificent boon to any property owner in a community. Even with just a couple of examples, I hope I have convinced you to consider making the investment, as it will empower you to make your home the perfect place to live and foster a community that is worth being a part of.