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Counting down the Hottest Celebrity Couples

With social media and celebrity culture playing such a  huge influence in our lives you must have heard of some of the amazing celebrity couples that have formed over the years. Having a relationship so much in the public eye can be hard and a true test of how much effort is required to fuel a healthy and loving relationship and while some of the couples on this list are pretty fresh others have been together over many years. There are many details online about the trials and tribulations that many celebrity couples have faced, and I must admit that Jada Pinkett Smith’s recent article about her relationship with Will was truly amazing, so much so that I took the love language test to learn my own methods of showing affection.  

Molly Mae and Tommy Fury

Molly Mae and Tommy Fury got together in the 2019 season of hit romance show Love Island, as soon as they met they instantly took a liking to one another and this affection was very apparent from the way they interacted on the show. After their inevitable win, Molly and Tommy remain to this day one of the longest-lasting couples to be on Love Island, providing them with a real success story. As the years have passed this couple have managed to set up a very nice life for themselves with Tommy’s boxing career being very successful and Molly entering many different sectors by conducting high-profile deals with some very well-known beauty brands. As the pair grow in followers at an exponential rate fans of the couple wait in anticipation to find out what is next on their agenda. 



Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith

Another very popular celebrity couple would have to be Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, both have had very successful; acting careers throughout the years and their relationship is the perfect example of how creating a blended family during the later stages of your life are very possible. Now, this relationship has had its flaws with both parties wanting a break to consider their mental health and work out what makes each of them happy, the fact that they were able to build their marriage during this time to become the strong and happy relationship that it is now just shown how perfect these pair are for each other.  


Meryl Streep and Don Gummer

The final celebrity couple on this list would have to be famous actress Meryl Streep and sculptor Don Gummer, this couple has been together for almost forty years and Don has been there to support Meryl through her amazing acting career. Meryl and Don got together in the late seventies and the fact that their marriage has remained so strong especially when it has been placed under significant stress in the public eye, just shows how it doesn’t matter what happens if you are with the right person will get through anything and your relationship will prosper and last a very long time.