Author: rupaul

9 Things That Tidy People Absolutely Can’t Stand

Anyone who has lived with someone who prides themselves on cleanliness should know that being tidy is not just a preference but a way of life.

  • Bugs– When someone finds bugs in their house, they can not help but blame themselves, but when a tidy person see`s a bug you can see the life leave them. There whole life purpose of being tidy has been broken.
  • Eggshells back in the box– This one is just basic common sense but still it is far too common, a broken egg shell is meant for the bin, do not just put rubbish back in the box.
  • When Someone Claims to Also be Tidy– For a tidy person this cannot be annoying especially when they have no clue of tidiness. The self-congratulatory way people will claim to be tidy when they just do not have a clue, an extra special point for roommates who think they are tidy when they are simply tidying their own mess that they have left for days.
  • Not Sweeping After Cleaning– You can clean all you like, but if you leave all your crumbs after cooking; then that is still mess, and those crumbs will only infuriate a tidy person.
  • Dirty Dishes in the Sink– You have gone as far to recognise your dishes are dirty, then what use is it simply finding a new place to stack them in the sink, you have recognised they are dirty so why not clean them.
  • Chairs not Tucked in- If you think this is insignificant then you are part of the problem, just tuck your chair in- what use is it in the middle of the room.
  • Trying to Stuff as Much Rubbish as Possible Into the bin– The bin is not a game of Jenga once it is full it is full, if you need to stuff your rubbish into it then it is perhaps time to just take it out.
  • Crumbs in the Butter- This one is just infuriating, do not leave your old excess crumbs in the butter, this just contaminates the tidy persons future toast.
  • Putting the Full bin Bags Next to the bin– So you have finally decided to recognise the bin is full and it needs replaced, well done. Once you have recognised this fact do not just place the full bin bag next to the bin. You are just leaving rubbish in your kitchen, it does not matter if it is not in the bin.