7 Celeb Kids That Got Lavish Gifts from Their Parents

7 Celeb Kids That Got Lavish Gifts from Their Parents

Everyone loves to spoil their kids. It is one of the best parts of being a parent. The joy on their face is priceless and nothing can make a parent happier. But some can spoil their kids in more lavish ways than most. Below are 7 celeb kids who got treated to some lavish gifts from their parents.

North West

North West Kardashian has one of the most famous mothers on the planet. The Kardashians are known everywhere and have an empire behind them. And this means Kim has the means to spoils her children. And North is no exception being lavished with luxury designer jewelry that, aside from being stylish, has a deeper more personal meaning behind it. A wonderful gift from mother to child.

Princess Charlotte

A royal baby is a world affair. Everyone remembers the royal wedding and then the royal baby. And being a royal, while stressful, definitely has its perks. One of the best gifts she got was a first-rate education, which is worth more than money. And she has already proved it is paying off as she follows in her mother’s footsteps.

David Kross

David Kross is a beloved German actor who started young. And coming from a loving family it is no surprise he got lavished as a child. His parents spared no expense shopping from stonefoot to give him a childhood any German child would be jealous of.

Malia Obama

Being the daughter of a former president does have its issues. Being in the public spotlight is tough. But it has its perks. Malia got a living experience like no other being in the white house. Along with that getting a puppy and a chance to see behind the curtain of the white house. It is quite an experience.

Jennifer Gates

Being the daughter of one of the worlds richest men is some peoples dream. But for Jennifer Gates, that dream is a reality. While Bill Gates has said most of his fortune will be left to charity, he has set her up in good stead with a lavish trust fund and valuable life skills that money can’t buy.

The Bezos Children

Jeff Bezos was himself adopted. And he has decided to honor that experience by adopting children of his own. A daughter and three sons, they are all now part of one of the richest families in the world, and with that, they are continually lavished with luscious gifts and wonderful experiences. Travelling the world, seeing the sights and taking part in different cultures. A considerable gift.

The Trump Children

While many don’t agree with Trump, it can’t be denied that the man is well off. And his kids definitely feel this boon. His kids are treated to lavish gifts of start-up capital for their businesses and a helping hand in carving their way through the world. As a parent, there is no greater pleasure than preparing your children to face the world.


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