6 Romantic Movies You Have to Watch

6 Romantic Movies You Have to Watch

Let’s face it, we are all suckers for a good romantic movie. For as long as there have been moving pictures, there have been romances. Romantic movies have shaped our expectations of what we deserve in relationships and all of the best quotes on love are from our favorite films, not poetry or novels. Every year a brand new romantic movie is released on the market, but this new movie has to compete with a long list of romantic films that are already adored by romance fans.

If you are someone that is interested in binging some of the best romance films, you may feel overwhelmed by choice. Here is our pick of the best romantic films that you have to watch.

  • 13 going on 30

This film is my personal favorite. 13 going on 30 is a classic early 2000’s romance film, which follows the life of Jenna Rink. Jenna starts the film as a normal 13-year-old in the 80s, but after a disaster of a birthday party, she wishes to skip straight to 30. She wakes up the next day, 30 years old and desperate to rekindle the relationship with her childhood friend. This movie is the perfect mixture of romance and comedy and must be watched by any romance fan out there.

  • PS I Love You

This is one of the most heartbreaking films on the list and it follows the life of a recent widow. This film explores the process of recovering after losing the love of your life and just how difficult the process can be. After her husband dies, the window goes on a hunt for letters left behind. She thinks that she is hunting for some grand gift that he has left behind, but it turns out he was simply trying to help her through her grieving process and help her move on.

  • Love Actually

This film is beloved because it is one of the few romantic Christmas films that actually works. Love Actually follows the lives of several people and explores different ways in which love presents itself. Love actually shows that love is not always straightforward, as there is often heartache and it doesn’t always work out. This film also shows that work can be found in the most unexpected places and that sometimes it appears when you aren’t even looking for it.

  • The Notebook

This is another heartbreaking film but it is one that every romance film lover has to watch. The film shows the difficult relationship between two people of different classes and the struggles that they had to face in order to be happy. When watching the film, you eagerly await the conclusion of their relationship, which leads to the film returning to the present day. It is then revealed that the story of love is being told by an older Noah, who is explaining the story of his relationship to his wife, who is, unfortunately, suffering from dementia and cannot remember their relationship.

  • 27 Dresses

27 Dresses is an example of a film where unlikely partners develop a relationship. The story follows the life of a tragic woman, who had been a bridesmaid 27 times but has never been married. She is obsessed with marriage and meets one of her favorite marriage writers, who turns out to be a complete jerk who hates weddings. It is then revealed that he is recently divorced and is afraid to love again. After writing a rude article about her, they confront each other, only to realise that they are madly in love. The film ends with their marriage and it is nothing short of a happy ending.

  • One Day

I can only apologise for recommending another extremely sad film, but these are often the best romantic movies. This film follows a day in the life of two people, every five years. They start off in the same university and almost hook up, but decide not to. From then on the film follows them for one day a year and you see their relationship development. They eventually give in to their love for each other and get into a relationship. However, something tragic happens, but I won’t spoil what that is.


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